Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Lovely Letter from a "Friend"

so here i am sitting in front of the comp at 10:54pm, rippin some crunch berries swimming in milk, when all of a sudden i have the urge to type in "" and whuddya know? i see "you can run", cudi talkin about his leather jacket, and a pic of the go getters

start lol'ing to myself. i'm just hoping you just weren't on ur blog lately and just posted them now, because well.....they're kinda sorta a lil bit all the way OLD NEWS. please please please tell me you've heard the go getters album. if you haven't, well, i don't know what to tell you

next thing you know, you're probably going to find out about cudi working with mgmt
cough he'sworkingwithmgmt cough
then you'll probably find out about "whatever you want" feat. kanye too
cough cough

boy oh boy are you late with these things.


I so enjoy his heartfelt e-mails SO much that I'll be posting them up more often...lmao.

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