Sunday, January 10, 2010

One of The Best of 09: Theophilus' Story

So today i rode the (F) train into Manhattan. It was pretty much a boring trip until finally the emergency door opened and the show started!!

Meet ATTENNA MAN. His story was kinda CRAZE. Before he played his SAX he briefly told his story. His Spaceship crashed and he needs earth currency to pay for parts. (didnt buy it) He also added if you want me to stop playing start paying! Not a bright way to start an un- announced show)I Hope he was playing BAD on purpose or it was apart of the gimmick. He earned 1$. (peep his tranny manager in the back)

NEXT UP: Two announced players walked up and down the aisle singing. It happened so fast i could barely connect. They didnt have a story or anything they just sung. lol. They got 0$ for the effort. WOMP

Dude is hilarious.

I'm supposed to be studying for exams doing 2 papers, and 1 college essay right now....WOMP

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