Thursday, November 04, 2010

Girl, Interrupted

I think sexiness in most people-and this is going to sound superficial-is definitely something you don't plan. I don't necessarily think I'm...whatever. To tell you the truth, I have no idea what people think of me. The main thing I don't want to do right now is create an image for myself. I notice that when I'm being consciously cool and I talk slower and wink or give a little smirk, people seem to like me more, and I think that's how you get phony attitudes about things. Whenever I notice myself doing something just please somebody else, I try to stop it.
-Leonardo DiCaprio (1994)

Queen Latifah (1990)

Cameron Diaz (1994)

"I moved to L.A. from Florida to break into the music business. I was playing guitar in a band called Rock City Angels-we were kind of a cross between Muddy Waters and the Sex Pistols. But I was selling pens over the phone in order to eat, when a friend of mine, Nicolas Cage, told me I should give acting a shot. I met with an agent and on my first audition got the part in Elm Street. I dropped out of the band, but I just found out that they signed a $6.2 million-dollar record contract with Geffen for seven albums. It's the biggest deal out in L.A. since Madonna's. I'm real happy for the guys. Really. I hope to get back into music someday, but not as a teen-idol type."
-Johnny Depp (1987)

Sarah Jessica Parker (1999)

Kirsten Dunst (1998)

I don’t believe in guilt, I believe in living on impulse as long as you never intentionally hurt another person, and don’t judge people in your life. I think you should live completely free.-Angelina Jolie (1997)

Interview Magazine Flashbacks #90's
I've always loved this magazine but I could never afford the subscription, so I cheat and read article online.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010


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I N C E P T I O N .

" When I'm at the grocery store, those magazines—they always suck me in. I go, 'I can't fuckin' believe that this is what we're looking at.' It's really sad. Why shouldn't there be beautiful works of art on the grocery stands? Like Bob Dylan said, you know, art doesn't belong in museums, it belongs in gas stations. Even in a purely selfish way, I would absolutely argue that you are bringing bad shit your way by consuming and enjoying that kind of hostility."

- Joseph Gordon- Levitt

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Thursday, July 01, 2010


The Neistat Brothers
Casey & Van

Casey was born in 1981, Van in 1975. They grew up in Gales Ferry, Connecticut and went to Ledyard High School. In 1999, the imac DV came out. This was the first computer that allowed consumers to edit video. Casey and Van both got a camera and imac and figure out how to make movies. Neither of the brothers went to film school or anything like that. They both live in NYC."
-via their website

I found out about this show about 3 weeks ago. The show came on HBO immediately after a movie and I was hooked. It's the summer so usually I have absolutely nothing to do the next day, & every week I find myself up until 4 AM watching this show on demand.

Their creativity expressed in their films & on the show is very impressive (ex. the B.I.G. lyrics written in white out on their "money green leather sofa", and their choice to take Polaroids of everyone who has visited their humble abode.) Described as a "homemade home video television show" the show touches on the brothers' personal lives and their interesting experiences.

I think I love this show so much because they have the life that I want: living in a creative space in NY, surrounded by creative and intriguing people, and doing things on my own terms.

Watch Friday's @ 12AM

Please WATCH, for me?

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Be there.

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