Thursday, November 27, 2008

i love this picture




Wednesday, November 26, 2008

still in georgia still in georgia [to tell you the truth idk where i am..a small time ouside of ATL]..

we went to georgia tech [which is effin huge], morehouse, clark ATL & spelman
georgia tech has an bowling alley, pizza hut, on campus eye doctor, on campus hair stylist, indoor lake w/ water slide, and MAAAD other shit..i was like WTF??!!
BUT everybody looked hella stressed they were struggling to get their work done or sumthin..idk
spelman, clack ATL, and morehouse looked pretty nice but we could'nt go inside because the campus was closed..[i was super mad because i wanted a spelman sweatshirt SOOOOO bad]
too bad i dnt have a digital camera [christmas..*hint hint*]
-k k i n g

my new obsession: THE A.R. EXPERiENCE

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

im in love

nick jonas

im head over heels in love with nick jonas


omg! the trailer even scared the shit out of me

me, kyle, & denzel went to see twilight friday and i swear to bob i almost fell out my seat when i saw this..they was laughing at me but i dnt even care this lookks soooo SCARY!
but i bet i go and see it anyway..yeah i do it to myself

the unborn [january 2009]


i HAVE to see this

adventureland [spring 2009]

why does bill hader always have a fake mustache in like every movie?


aaaaaahhh [im screaming]

im in love

just with D.A. [right]



last night i was watchin E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY & they did one on kimora lee simmons...& OMG i didn't even know she was that pretty..once. wtf happened?

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fashion mavericks

Mary Kate & Ashley



Monday, November 24, 2008

quote of the day

" don't let school hold you back from getting a education"

-- Mark Twain*

[i know i worded it wrong but you get the point]

*fuckin genius


okay so this is the first..

im karae king!

this is my first official blog [not on myspace]..

sooo basically my blog will have stuff up that i like [like movies i want to see, artists i love, fashion, stuff about my life..etc]

im like super excited so let's get posting