Wednesday, November 26, 2008

still in georgia still in georgia [to tell you the truth idk where i am..a small time ouside of ATL]..

we went to georgia tech [which is effin huge], morehouse, clark ATL & spelman
georgia tech has an bowling alley, pizza hut, on campus eye doctor, on campus hair stylist, indoor lake w/ water slide, and MAAAD other shit..i was like WTF??!!
BUT everybody looked hella stressed they were struggling to get their work done or sumthin..idk
spelman, clack ATL, and morehouse looked pretty nice but we could'nt go inside because the campus was closed..[i was super mad because i wanted a spelman sweatshirt SOOOOO bad]
too bad i dnt have a digital camera [christmas..*hint hint*]
-k k i n g


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