Friday, October 23, 2009


Tha Man

Photos by: The Arab Parrot
I love this guy

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This Is What Happens When...

You cut school to go on MTV: You Meet Alicia Keys!

[Denzel shittin in his pants]

We ran 11 blocks to try to get into "It's On With Alexa Chung" but nope! we were 10 minutes late! Bummed, we decided to walk around the corner and BAM! we spot paparazzi and a big group of NYC high school kids. What's going on? Apparently Alicia Keys is coming out soon. Wait, what! Alicia Keys?! Get the hell out of here!
Nearly 2 hours later...still no Alicia Keys! We see Michelle Trachen-whatever and that's about it.
BAM! The paps start prepping it goes..muhfuckin Alicia Keys is 2 inches away from me! Denzel turns into a little bitch [AAAAAHHHH!]...her bodyguards are WILDIN! We're getting yanked every which way..but i got my damn picture...and a autograph!

Thanks Alicia. You're the back to Jersey before my mom gets home.

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Where The Wilds Things Are



You're Not Watching Glee?!


I honestly can say this is one of my favorite shows of all time! Speaking from a high school student it's not really that realistic but GODDAMN this show is hilarious! Yes, it has music but I promise you (this coming from someone who hates musicals) the music NEVER is annoying. Maybe because the entire cast can really sing and the songs are great...who knows.

Favorite character: Rachel Berry played by Lea Michele [She can be super annoying but give her a chance]

Favorite performance: Bust Yo Windows & It's My Life/Confessions

Favorite Song: Taking Chances by Lea Michele



Saturday, October 03, 2009

Fame Kills



She Wolf

Five words to describe yourself?
Water, blood, melanin, bones and...vajajay.
Solange Knowles in Honey Magazine.

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