Thursday, January 29, 2009

poem of the week:


if i went to your house in the middle of the night, dialed your number, and asked you to go outside, i would tell you to look at me, while i look at you with the deepest sincerity of my heart. i would stand in the dark holding your hands hoping for some sort of understanding from you. hoping for some answers. i would look at you and ask you how it is you truly felt. i would look at you, looking at me telling you to make up your mind and to say what you really mean. i would look at you and tell you that my barriers are broken and that i no longer care who calls first, who texts firsts, who initiates first. i would tell you that i feel so incredibly, incredibly feeble for showing up at your doorstep. i would look at you in the eyes, while you were looking into mine hoping that you could finally, finally see what it truly was to feel what i felt and see that i fell in love with the idea of you and me, i just never got the chance to fall in love with you. and i would hope, with all my heart, that you would take me seriously, because this whole love thing seems so cliche. even the word cliche is cliche. but, but. i guess that's all i can say.

um. this kind of reminds me of a certain someone.



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