Friday, April 17, 2009

Did I Miss Something?

Chanel Iman w/ boyfriend TYGA for the "Meet the Boyfriends" article in the May 2009 issue of US VOGUE.

"Shopping with her? We'd be here all day," teases the hip hop artist. "I'd rather just buy her something". "He gave me my first Balenciaga
bag for Christmas," she says. "It was so sweet. I didn't even know he knew what Balenciaga was." It was no surprise, given that Tyga arrived at this shoot in YSL and Louis Vuitton. "He has the coolest glasses," Chanel says. "I love to rock those, and his jewelry, too - like his big old iced-out Garfield pendant." Something else the two share: "We're both from L.A., and no matter where I am, talking to him brings a lot of Cali to me. It's great to have somebody from my hometown."

Question: Did I miss something? When did they start dating?

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