Sunday, January 04, 2009



you know that song you're always bumping to when the ipod nano commercial comes on? i've been searching and searching and finally when i least expected it i finally found the 3 geniuses behind that masterpiece. i just so happened to be reading the new seventeen when BAM! they talked about the lead singer [ Caroline Polachek ] and of course my geek ass jumped on the computer to look them up..

The band consists of Caroline Polachek, Aaron Pfenning and Patrick Wimberly. They were formed in Boulder, Colorado in early 2006 to make live music for haunted houses and they were mystified by the 1980's faux-gothic architecture, oak-cabinet aquariums, vacant dancefloors, fake trees, crystal chandeliers and dark velveteen booths. The inn provided them with the ideal setting for a new breed of pop. They relocated to Brooklyn in the summer of 2006, and the trio played shows around Brooklyn and the Lower East Side with a thriving society of experimental pop magicians including MGMT[my babes], Yeasayer, Suckers, and Mixel Pixel. With the release of their debut album, Does You Inspire You, Chairlift made me a fan and now ima make you a fan, too.




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