Sunday, January 18, 2009

flava in your ear.


When I first turned on The Wackness I don't exactly know what I was expecting from Josh Peck, but during the first seen there was no denying that he could REALLY act. So basically, HE KILLED IT! There was Method Man's hilarious Jamaican accent ["It's BIGGIE!"], then there was Mary-Kate Olsen's hippy demeanor that was both really funny & weirdly entertaining, and Aaron Yoo's gangsta-ness [is that a word? I don't think so.] But still after all of this Josh Peck still stole the movie. It was funny to me because I'm so used to seeing him on Drake & Josh, and now he's doing sex scenes, using vulgar language, and actually being kinda cute. It's official Josh Peck is in the ranks of Micheal Cera.


**And I take everything back that I said about Blender replacing VIBE. I was lying, they made a comeback.

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