Friday, January 16, 2009

ima make you a fan.

[junior boys]
Junior Boys are a Hamilton, Ontario-based electronic pop group. Jeremy Greenspan & Johnny Dark make up the duo who were influenced by a number of musical genres, including, U.K. garage, hip-hop, and minimal techno. They originally made a demo but with no positive results Johnny Dark threatned to leave the group. When former Warp employee Nick Kilro heard the demo he became interested in making Junior Boys the first artist on his record label KIN. Engineer Matt Didemus joined Jeremy Greenspan, and together they recorded enough material for a full-length album. They have been out since about 2004, but I'm just discovering them 5 years later. Yeaaah, I'm sort of late but Junior Boys made me a fan so now I'm making you one too. enjoy.

i remember So You Think You Can Dance using their song In The Morning a while back with the Lacey & Pasha dance [if you haven't seen it go to youtube NOW!] THEY KILLLLLED IT!



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